Tuesday 23 September 2014

RIS Speaker Biography – Mufti Ismail Menk


Mufti Ismail Menk
Mufti Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and is perhaps best known for his engagements as a guest speaker in South Africa each Ramadan.

He was tutored by his father, Mufti Musa Menk, who is a well-known scholar and da’ee (caller to Islam).He completed his hifz and recitation courses at an early age and learnt the Arabic and Urdu languages whilst studying Shariah under his father. At the same time, he attended an Academic College in Harare where he completed his secondary secular education. He then attained a degree in Shariah from the University of Madinah and later specialised in Iftaa at Darul Uloom Kantharia in Gujarat.

Mufti Menk is a broad minded, popular motivational speaker who travels widely on speaking engagements, while still teaching in Harare and serving the Muslim communities of Zimbabwe as an imam and member of Zimbabwe’s Majlisul Ulama. He also contributes towards the Islamic content of various media networks,and allows his lectures to be copied and distributed free of charge – as long as the core of its content is not edited.

He is also an experienced social worker and counsellor; and enjoys spending time with the underprivileged.


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  1. Barr. Dalhah Sufyan Khalid says:

    Whoever listens to Mufti Imael Musa Menk‘s lectures with objective mind will not be left without surely reaching a conclusion to the effect that he is but a wondefully paragon blessings from Allah the Amighty- elequence, fluency, proficiency and above all knowledge. Ya Allah protect this Your “servant“ from all evils!

  2. sara says:

    I have gain a lot of knowlege about the koran by his lectures.
    He understands what moslim is going through in europe.

  3. Munnah lubega says:

    Bismillah Arahman Arahim sheik musa’s lectures are the best I have heard so far but they need to be made more available to poorer countries lyk Uganda not only in Ramadhan but all year round

  4. lester afoon says:

    I listened to some of his lectures via YouTube may Allah guide him and the Muslim ummah and hold on to the rope of the teachings of our beloved prophet saw. Could he visit us in Trinidad & Tobago.

  5. I recently got to know Menk Ismail through a friend. I found his lectures to be soul lifting and inspiring. He is a sign of Allahu Ta’ala to show us that He gives the knowledge to whoever He wishes. May Allah protect this servant of His. He is a good model of an scholar of Deen

  6. Najibullah Bin Ahmad says:

    Alhamdulillah, Mufti menk’s talks have reach accros the globe especially here in KANO, Nigeria. And Alhamdulillah we are really benefiting. May Allah reward you abundantly.

  7. Rizwan Ahmad Khan says:

    Alhamdulillah…I can’t stop myself to listening his lectures everyday. He is a great scholar of Islam Masha Allah. I have learned so many things just my listening to him. May Allah protect him and grant him Jannah. Please continue to spread the message of Islam.

  8. Abd'Lateef Usman says:

    Alhamdulillah! I listened to the sheikh lecture on CD today the one delivered at Malaysia about the Messenger of Allah SAW and I enjoyed it. May continue to guide our beloved Muflti and also protect him. Ameen!

  9. Saifullah Abubakar says:

    I got to know him of recent but i realy fall in love with his lecture bcause he is always newtral not siding any islamic sect so he always speak the plain truth that even a freind of mine who is a non muslim comment on the man. May Allah protect and guide him ameen

  10. Kabir Tijjani Ibrahim says:

    Indeed, he showers his knowlrdge to whom he pleases and those who seek for it. May he give us the courage to learn and share this deen without any form of RIYA in shaa Allah. Jazakallahu khair

  11. Youssef El Houfi says:

    From à morrocan Brother in Holland. Got to know sheikh Menk recently via Youtube, may Allah bless us and him. Wonderfull lectures !!!! Really lovely, can’t stop lisenting !!!! May Allah reward You with yannah, You can’t imagine.

    Love You for Allah !!!!!!!!!

  12. Ismail ahmad says:

    May Almighty Allah continue to guide and increase our beloved mufti in knowledge

  13. Abdullahi Ahmed says:

    i love to listen his lectures coz every time i do i gain useful knowledge which helps me on day to day activities.. may ALLAH swt grant him total protection from enemies of islam… jazakaALLAH sheikh

  14. fatima says:


  15. Swafia Kaley says:

    Mashallah!! came to know about sheikh Menk from my face book.. his lectures are just superb and extra ordinary.. May Allah Protect him from all harms.. Shukran Wa Jazakallahu kheiran

  16. Iqubal says:

    Alhamdulillah. I have listened a few lectures of Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Monk. His way of lecturing is not only unique but also conveys the core principle of Islam. He is always intending to make every listener to think and ponder the prime aqeeda of Islam. It makes us to keep our prime objective always at the back of our mind meaning how can one ensure a berth in the heavenly abode.

  17. RASHID JAJAH says:

    Accidently, i turned on my TV, and I couldnt stop litening to Sheikh Menk the next day on my way to work my fiance called me on my cell phone and was asking? did you hear the preacher yesterday at dawn? I answered in the affirmative, then she said, then what did he talked about and I recalled the thrust of his message, then she said to me I loved this man. Allah has given him the power of speach and the power to be listened to, may the good Lord bless him and his parents, fairly opned minded man of God, he is really a gift to the muslim world

  18. goolammt says:

    JazakAllah for all the comments and duas for Mufti. I will be printing the comments and will hand it personally to Mufti this evening, InshaAllah

    MSA Cape Admin

  19. Habib muntari says:

    He is a teacher and inspirer..may Allah bless him.

  20. Stephen says:

    I was working on my PC in the night and one of his teachings was being played on the Television. I couldn’t but listen to everything he said. Though I am a Christian, the message really inspired me I would love to hear more… He is indeed a blessing to this generation…

  21. Anthonia says:

    i listened to his teaching on MY-TV and i was blessed. Am a christian and i love his teachings. May God sustain him as a scholar and a great preacher. Am blessed by his teachings.

  22. Abdul Gafar says:

    May ALLAH(S.W.T) bless Mufti Ismail Menk,his father and other Islamic scholars with this kind of work.Mufti Ismail Menk is nothing but a paragon of knowledge in it’s purest form.May ALLAH bless Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his household.Ameen

    N.B We want to see many copies of his works distributed in Nigeria.Ma Salaam.

  23. shaaban daud says:

    His lectures have galvanised me as new muslim convert.mashAllah

  24. Haszan says:

    Maashaa Allah! He is one of the outstading lectures! Woderfull. Any body will like his speach. He gives his speach so well that any body can understand what life is and what the listner shoul lean to..! Well done. Mufti will be lessed here and hereafter by Almight Allah Thaalaa. May Allah protect all of us.

  25. zainub says:

    Dearerst Mufti
    Shukr so much for the inspiring lectures that u give. I have learnt from you in ways that you cannot imagine. If whatever I’ve experienced good or bad you have put things into perspective for me. I will cotinue to listen to you and may I always be inspired. May Allah show all his blessings on you and your family. Inshallah

  26. Salamatu Lambon Bannib says:

    Salaam. May Allah have mercy on the Muslim ummah n may He bless shiek Muftar for his lectures.

  27. alpha bah says:

    in the name of Allah the most gracious most merciful..the holy prophet(saw) said a muslim is the one who saves his brother from his deeds and words..a muhajir (migrant) is the one who avoids what allah forbid” mufti Ismail menk may Allah subhana watala protect u from the evils of Islam..i hope to see u in gambia soon..

  28. Ogun Kabiru says:

    My household jammed Mufti Menk’s lecture been relayed on BCOS TV Ibadan. Nigeria during Ramadan for just few minutes and we realy appreciate the blessing of Allah in him. Even chronic non muslim family member admited so. Keep it up. Hope to see you in Ibadan. Nigeria soon

  29. Ogun Kabiru says:

    My household jammed Mufti Menk’s lecture been relayed on BCOS TV Ibadan. Nigeria during Ramadan for just few minutes and we realy appreciate the blessing of Allah in him. Even chronic non muslim family member admited so. Keep it up. Hope to see you in Ibadan. Nigeria soon.

  30. ameena says:

    Alhamdulillah. I discovered him last month just two weeks to Ramadan and mashaAllah I now ‘ve a truly personal relationship with my Rabb. May Allah grant him and all muslims Janna. Please come to Nigeria, please.

  31. sahmudeen yakub says:

    my country(Ghana)tv telecat shaikh menk’s lectures during the ramadan,alhamadulillah.i am proud of such aalim from mother africa.

    may Allah grant him long life to serve this ummah ameen.

  32. neez says:

    I have learned a lot from his speech.May Allah bless us all

  33. sajjad ahmed says:

    Alhamdulillaah started listening to his lectures recently which are very inspiring – love the way he also adds humour which relaxes the listener and makes us to enjoy the lecture and ultimately understand the lesson he wants to convey

  34. Mustaf says:

    Aslkum, may Allah protects us all, ameen

  35. Noufal says:

    Masha Allah…he is a wonderful and one of the best scholar in the world.His speeches are hear touching..

  36. Almustapha umar limanchi b/kebbi nigeria says:

    I followed the teachin of mufti accordingly and i really like his and i knw people of my area feel the same way,thank mufti about your contribution to islam,mufti lecturer is may hope

  37. Abdulai Bunduka says:

    This man is marvelous! Mashallah

  38. we thank God for giving us this kid of person, i really appreciated your speech may God bless you and help those who denied the right of Allah. i want to meet you one day because i want to learn the Qur an very well like you If i have had the opportunity Ins ha Allah i will never lose my hope.

  39. Razia says:

    Salaam, i am looking for a contact number for Mufti Menk as i require his advice on a personal subject

  40. Sara says:

    I met him yesterday!!! He came to Safar Academy :D

  41. omar khatwab says:

    i watch his videos n mashaaAllah
    He is one of the best preechers including Dr. Zakir & ustadh Muhammad shariff said

  42. Adams says:

    I listen to him during Ramadan at down and I had changed life upon the quranic recitation and the brillient submission of the topics

  43. asalam alaikum i dont follow mutfy menk but i follow what he says and he speaks the truu.may protect him from the evil peoplo

  44. From Sri Lanka Swama says:

    Everything is wonderful but I mostly loved your way of making dua after every sentence may allah grant u good health. And make all of hear from u more n more jazaak Allah hair an

  45. Uzma Altaf says:

    Assalamualikum.You are truly an inspiration .May ALLAH(SWT)grant you success in every mission.

  46. Ibrahim Abbas Baig says:

    Assalaam O Alaikum to all muslim brother’s and sister’s. I would like to thank Mufti Menk on tremendous speech on all topics he has spoken on. He is really blessed and may Allah grant him and his family peace and healthy life and hereafter. FINALLY HAPPY AS TODAY WOULD BE SEEING HIM DIRECTLY IN DUBAI :-)

  47. sadia says:

    great speaker,doing great job.MAY ALLAH help him and all of us to spend a life according to real muslim….

  48. sadia says:

    great speaker , doing great job . MAY ALLAH help him and all of us to spend a life according to real Muslim….

  49. Ahmed Abdela says:

    Allahamdululah.aselatu weselam …….jezakumulah kheir those who are making effort to spreed the deenel Islam through different technologies. Cds website. YouTube. And others….may Allah.(SW) keep those factor’s till Islam rich the highst edge. And may Allah guide all of us to the right path……Allahuma nesalluka husnell Khatima Ya Allah . Ya rehim Ata kerim. Ya slim ya rezak…….Aselam o Aleukum werahmetullah weberekatuhu.

  50. omar ceesay says:

    excellent speaker is what God made him to be with a great understanding of the quran, sunna and people of these generation. he already guided many by the power of ALLLAH. may he guide many more million people by the power of ALLAH. i personally have improved my life style by listening to his talks. the i approach my parents, how i behave with my friends and the people i take in as friends and the most important is that i have so much respect for SALLAH and i recite quran with so much interest just for the sake of ALLAH. he cleared so much islamic concept that were confusing for me. may God grand him long life and good health to continue giving lectures and impacting million peoples life. i wish i meet him some day to come.may God protect him from this hostile dunya and grand him janna along with allah of us. thanks to his father who tutored him.

  51. muhammed yussuf ibn kathir says:

    may almighty Allah (swt) grant him good health so as to continue proclaiming the message of Allah(swt) Amin

  52. Khadijah says:

    I need to contact mufti menk plz
    If anyone know him just give him my number

    Wa aleykum salam

  53. rubina says:

    recently i googled on web and found such an amazing lecture by ismail menk my whole family was astonished and keep listning and demanded to listen more. mashallah god give him good and long life he really created demand to love god mashallah. may god make us like him. my whole family has lots of respects and dua for his good life to spread his teaching in daily affairs.every step in life when we take we take the light from his lectures

  54. Nafiu L kano Nigeria says:

    Well, I quietly enjoy nd benefit alot of his contributions. I like to meet him one on one in kano Nig. Thanks to all commentators globaly.

  55. cha says:

    Salam..Mufti Ismail Menk is now at Putrajaya, Malaysia. He gives talk about companians of Prophet every night of Ramadhan after Taraweh at Masjid Sultan Mizan Putrajaya. If you are in Malaysia, come pray taraweh and listen to his talk here. Im very glad that I have oppotunity to listen his talk live. May Allah grant him paradise and protect him.Amin.

  56. nuurah kabwama siwema says:

    ma sha Allah he is among ma best preachers. and alhamudulillah i have learned a lot from his teachings. may ALLAH guide and protect him and his family.

  57. Kadiri Abdul Rauf says:

    Alhamdulilahi rabil alaamin, I was buying some provisions from a shop and heard the powerful voice of Sheik Ismail Ibn Musa for the first time. It was majestic! It came to me as a sword that caught deep into the core of my heart. No doubt, Allah has elevated him in terms of speech and understanding! May Allah send his voice to the furthest non Muslim communities of the world and make it impactful !! Please visit Ghana!!!

  58. Abba Sani Muhammad says:

    Masha Allah!! you are among my best preacher,I learned about him since last years ramadhan on Cool fm kano,I’ve acquired lots knowledge from his lectures,I hope you will come to nigeria,we really need scholars like you.Alhamdulillah

  59. Yaqshef says:

    indeed, Mufti Menk is a blessing to muslim umah and i pray Allah SWT continue to increase his knowledge and guid him till his last days (amin). i hope i will be the one to bring you to NIGERIA for Dawah- inshaallah.

  60. Alhamdulillah! Sheikh Ismail Menk’s Lectures is one of the best lectures i ever heard. I wish to see him one day in my country (Nigeria). May Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’ala grant him guidance, understanding and jannatul-firdaus!

  61. Musa Mohammed says:

    Oh Allah we have thank you for given us dis wounderful blessing,we pray to u Allah to protect him the progeny of shaythan,and reward him with jannatul firdausi. that is Mufti-Menk.

  62. Farhan says:

    Mashallah! His lectures are amazing. May Allah help him accomplishing the good work. Ameen

  63. Chernor Jalloh says:

    I’ve never been touched with a lecture like the one I listened last night. Mofti menk is the best preacher I’ve ever heard . may allah guide n protect him.


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