Thursday 03 September 2015

Stef Keris – Profile

Short Profile of Stefanos Kefokeris (Abu Yaasir)

  •  Born in Athens (Greece) 30th March 1972. Raised in Germany.
  • Accepted Islam in 1992.
  • Started da’wah work for the charity Dar Al Birr (Dubai) for Dr. Abu Ameenah, Bilal Philips. Learned basic Arabic.
  • Da’wah and English teaching in Saudi Arabia and in UAE.
  • Da’wah in Greece and for Greek Muslims abroad.
  • Muslim Chaplain (certified by MIHE, Leicestershire).
  • Has been studying for an Islamic Studies degree with the Al Kauthar Institute. Studied “An Nawawi’s 40 Ahadith”.
  • Taught  “Fiqh of Salah”  in Green Lane Masjid, Birmingham (UK).
  • Taught Business Studies at Preston University. Prepared a university course regarding “Muslim minorities in the West”.
  • Published  research concerning “Ottoman Heritage in Europe” and did several lectures and presentations in Germany and the UK.
  • Produced a documentary about Ottoman history and heritage, in Greece and Turkey, for an Islamic channel in the UK.
  • UK and German academic background in the area of Romance Linguistics, Political Science and International Technical and Economic Cooperation.
  • MA from the University of Aachen (Germany)
  • ESOL Teaching Degree from the University of Cambridge.
  • Working towards a PhD at the University of Gloucestershire.
  • Multilingual: German, Greek, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic.
  • Worked as Project Manager and Co-ordinator in the following countries: Botswana, South Africa, UK, Germany and NL.
  • Traveled to various parts of the world: USA, South America, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Morocco, China, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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  1. riyaz nakhwa says:

    would like to know if there are any video materials of lectures/documentaries/presentations available here in CT of Stef Keris work?
    are there plans to have any talks/lectures by Stef in CT anytime in the near future.


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