About the Muslim Students’ Association of the Cape

The MSA of the Cape is an organization made of diverse multi-ethnic young Muslims, vibrant brothers and sisters, who volunteer their time, wealth and limited skills to spread a pure understanding of Islam and bring about efficiency among our many Islamic Societies through various mediums. In addition we seek to educate our Muslim brothers and sisters by teaching each other how to maintain our Islamic identities and lead a righteous life in these times of moral turpitude through a correct understanding of the teachings of the Quran and the way of life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Our Mission

To nurture the Islamic character and personality of members via tarbiyyah. To empower members to fulfill their potential and become active, positive Islamic role models for those they interact with - whether Muslim or non-Muslim. To increase the brotherhood and sisterhood among Muslim youth by providing a framework of interaction and support for members. To provide wholesome, Islamic activities and forums that serve as alternatives to the un-Islamic popular culture and activities that are associated with the social-ills of today.

Our Vision

To develop dynamic, educated Muslim students and youth who will work within local communities to promote Islam as a complete, balanced, and comprehensive way of life.