Why So Closed? by Ayesha-Bibi Khan

Tonight I was asked by a 50 odd year old Muslim male why I’m “so closed up”, referring to the manner in which I was dressed. Initially, I thought maybe he’s just surprised as the last time he saw me was when I was years younger, more careless, and “less closed” (lol). But then, I […]

Defend Your Islam by Anonymous

BEING A SOLDIER FOR ISLAM STARTS IN THE CLASSROOM Defending your religion at University It’s no secret that Islam is often portrayed incorrectly in the media, or that there are many people out there who have built up warped perceptions of our beautiful religion. Some of us may see this filtering through into the lectures […]

Muslim Youth & the Importance of Involvement by Uthmaan Sayed

Are you a young Muslim? Struggling to balance faith and everyday life? Juggling university life whilst still trying to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah? There are numerous challenges facing the youth of today, with many questions left unanswered around every corner. Yet one needs to master one’s time and skills, and channel youthful exuberance to […]

Death. A Poem by Zeenat Hassim

Many long years ago I took my first breath,
 And whilst I started a fresh life, many others started death, 
When my eyes first sprang open, other eyes became sealed,
 And while my test just begun, their results were being revealed.
 Many long years ago I took my first glance,
 And while others took their […]

The Friend Factor by Ayesha-Bibi Khan

I had this moment the other day at campus. You know, like a MOMENT. Like one of those moments when you realise something, figure something out, which has such a major impact on you, that it makes you sit back and think, “Hmmmm, maybe the world does actually make sense afterall.” This “moment” happened because […]

Remember Me and I Will Remember You by Muhammed Uthmaan Sayed

So many tears And unknown fears These racing thoughts, the mind won’t clear But the One High Above is Here Always near With His Might & Power He can change and repair The Only One Who truly cares, And comforts me; “Do not despair (39:53), I am All-Aware (60:1) Remember Me and I will remember […]

Why Do We Not Always Get What We Want Out Of Life? by Bint Ebrahim

Assalamu alaykum I’ve just come home from hifth, during the last four days, I have been wracking my brains, trying to figure out what on earth to write about. I must have about twelve unfinished notes on my phone and three on my laptop, asking everyone what they thought I should write about, until now, […]

A New Chapter of the Unknown by Muhammed Uthmaan Sayed

The youth enter varsity with notions of freedom, making lifelong friends and academic prosperity, but the transition of secondary to tertiary institutions remain a challenge. The challenges the youth face are exemplified by social and academic pressure, and many succumb to the false realities offered to us by the world. First year is riddled with […]

Untitled by Ayesha-Bibi Khan

Assalaamu alaikum/ May the peace and blessings of God be upon you In the midst of finishing my 4 year degree, in completing that final (ever) examination, I found myself in such bittersweet contemplation. Four years of hard work, perseverance, passion, exhaustion. Four years of learning what it means to become a health professional worthy […]